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Hey there,

I’m Mel Torrefranca, an entrepreneur from Northern California. I’ve decided to document my crazy career journey on YouTube and share the tips I learn along the way. I create weekly videos on writing, business, and lifestyle.

I truly believe nothing is more fulfilling than following your passion. I hope to inspire others to make that jump, no matter how high, and do what makes them happy.
Growing up, I loved math and planned to eventually enter the STEM field. However, as my love for content creating grew, I struggled to choose between my creative and mathematical interests. After a crazy amount of stress and pros and cons lists, I made the impossible decision to abandon my plans for college and pursue entrepreneurship full time.
At the age of 17, I published my debut novel, LEAVING WISHVILLE. I also founded the hybrid publishing house Lost Island Press to simplify the publication process for authors. By dual-enrolling with my local junior college, I gathered enough credits to graduate high school a year early and get a head-start on my career.

The journey has just begun.
Join me in the adventure?