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Meet Mel.

Mel Torrefranca knew she wanted to be a writer at age seven after reading Victoria Forester’s THE GIRL WHO COULD FLY. Mel published her debut novel LEAVING WISHVILLE before graduating from high school.

Although she finds that appreciating the art of others—whether through movies, books, or music—helps her come up with writing ideas, Mel is usually struck at random with new concepts. She writes at her laptop in complete darkness with piano music blasting through her headphones.

Mel has found that every one of her story ideas has themes of friendship and escape. One of the core topics in her young adult novel LEAVING WISHVILLE is the idea of compromising friendship in the pursuit of personal goals. Mel was introverted as a child and never felt the need to make friends. In high school she realized how much she took friendship for granted, which inspired Mel to make an effort to better balance her personal goals with her relationships with others. As a writer, Mel has found this parallel interesting, how parts of yourself can sometimes unintentionally manifest into your work.

When she isn’t writing young adult fiction, Mel enjoys video editing, photography, playing the guitar and piano, traveling, and baking. A person of many creative passions, Mel runs a publishing house called Lost Island Press and also hosts a YouTube channel documenting her adventures. Mel is a lifelong San Francisco Bay native where she works during the day and nurses her latte obsession by night.