Writer’s Coaching

I help writers boost their productivity by breaking the plotting, writing, and editing processes into simple, actionable steps.

Whether you’re looking to get started, working on your first draft, or editing the second book in a series, I’ll walk you through the steps you should take to level up your workflow and make progress with confidence.

My coaching service includes…

1. Private 45-minute video call with me

  • Discussion based on your preferred topics
  • Opportunities to ask any questions related to:
    • Plotting
    • Drafting
    • Time management
    • Editing
    • Beta reading
    • Self-publishing
    • Author branding & MORE

2. Personalized PDF document

  • Notes on what was discussed during the meeting
  • A list of actionable steps

3. Chance to ask follow-up questions for an additional 7 days

  • Contact me directly via email with additional questions
  • I reply to follow-ups within 24 hours


“5-star program. Writing my novel’s first draft has been a blast with Mel’s wisdom and encouragement in my pocket—literally. She was always happy to chat about the writing process, and she checked in regularly to see how my progress was going. Our face-to-face conversations were rich with discussion of drafting techniques, tips for staying motivated, and even the editing and publishing processes. I feel confident enough to fully complete and publish this thing.”

David Smart

“Mel’s coaching has been a lifesaver. Through her patient attitude and thoughtful encouragement, I wrote the first draft of my novel in just a couple months. She is a true ally, helping me to succeed by walking through the process with me. Thanks to her, I’m now one giant step closer to achieving my author dreams!”

Rebekah Leavesley

“Going into it, a large part of me wasn’t sure if I’d be able to write an entire first draft of a book while also working and studying. However, Mel’s guidance, advice, and support proved invaluable over the course of the coaching period. The tools she provided me with are things that I’ll be able to use for years and years to come. To any writer looking to take their craft a bit more seriously, you would be hard pressed to find a better first step.”

Johan de Klerk

“The structure of Mel’s programme was incredibly simple, yet incredibly helpful, too. Even if you are a beginner like myself, you’ll soon be churning out the words and hitting your goals. Thoroughly recommend!”

Joe Lines

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I schedule a meeting?

The ideal frequency of coaching sessions varies depending on your needs and availability. Some writers prefer weekly sessions, while others may find monthly or quarterly sessions sufficient.

Is it okay to just book one session?

Definitely. I’m not pushing anyone to book on a recurring basis. One session should be enough to address your current concerns and get an action plan in place. You’re welcome to come back at any point in the future for additional guidance.

Should I take notes during the meeting?

You can, but it’s not necessary. After the meeting, I’ll send you a PDF document with the points we discussed and a list of actionable steps. Additionally, a recording of our meeting can be provided upon request (email me before the meeting).

How do I book a meeting?

Once we decide on a time to meet over email, I’ll send you a Google Meet invitation and a PayPal invoice.

Do I need to have a specific project in mind?

No, writer’s coaching is beneficial whether you have a specific “work in progress” or not. I can help you develop a book idea and provide steps to get started.

Will you read and critique my writing?

I won’t provide feedback and constructive critiques on your writing itself, as my coaching services are focused on developing writing strategies and steps for swift progress. However, I am more than happy to offer guidance on how to find beta readers to critique your work and help you effectively analyze their feedback.

Get Started

One coaching call costs $39. If you’re interested, please fill out the form below to get in touch.